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Journeys - Our New Reading Anthology

Our 3rd grade team of teachers are very very excited to have a new ELA series to explore this year. A team of Sanger Unified teachers selected this series as the best one for instructing our students and we are thrilled to have new stories to explore, new topics to write about, and new projects to work on.

Lexis & Joshua at the stool table.

Angelina & Riley at the stool table.

Tony and Miguel reading at the standing table.

Jazmine, Henry, Jenica, and Kyra at the floor pillow table.

Elizabeth and Rebecca at the regular desk.

Carlos, Chris, Isaiah, and Bee at the bouncing ball table.

Isabella, Dakota, Mariana, Logan, and Audrina working at the lap desk learning spot.

I hope your student is finding their favorite learning spot.  Sadly, we are still waiting for some of the furniture, but it should be here in a couple of weeks.  (fingers crossed are crossed)